PHHS, Inc.
Philippine Hospitals & Health Services Inc.
POEA license No.: 174-LB-061608-R
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Service Contracting

PHHS, Inc. also undertakes overseas project management in construction, seaport operation, oil exploration and trading.

Request Manpower
Hiring Information

Foreign principals who are interested to hire qualified Filipino workers are required by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to get in touch with licensed employment agencies in the Philippine. PHHS is the right agency.

Employment Assistant

Every Filipino worker wanting to work abroad must ensure that his/her employment agency is POEA - registered to avoid legal problems related to his/her employment. At PHHS, the candidate worker will be properly oriented about his/her foreign assignments, compensation, benefits and his/her rights as a worker in a foreign land. He/She will be assisted in processing all employment documents.

Best Application

Any applicant worker shall go through strict screening: technical interviews, IQ examinations, physical / medical examinations, and other qualifying activities, offered to principal employers.


Basically, PHHS requires four (4) documents from the foreign employer to facilitate hiring of Filipino workers:

Valid Business License, registration certificate or equivalent document of proof of existence of project validated or certified by the issuing authority in the host country

Visa assurance or equivalent document validated by the issuing authority in the host country

These documents must be authenticated by the POEA.

For any other information reqarding hiring thru PHHS, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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