Philippine Hospital and Health Services, Inc. (PHHS) is one of the Southeast Asian Companies which initially pioneered in the delivery of all types of health care services to different clients worldwide by deploying Nurses and other Paramedic personnel and staff. We have since expanded to include supply of manpower for almost all kinds of major industries.

Incorporated on October 25, 1977, PHHS began as service exporter to hospitals and other related health care establishments simultaneously in the Philippines and in the Middle East. The Company is allowed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) as in-house landbased recruitment agency for its own projects and clients.

With the recent implementation by POEA of its universal license policy, PHHS is now in a position to supply and manage practically all types of landbased overseas manpower requirements of other parties or establishments.


PHHS is a Hall of Fame awardee, one of the pioneers in the overseas recruitment, recipient of other awards and citations. (refer to Recognition OF honors in the next page for more details)

PHHS is one of the Southeast Asian companies which pioneered in the delivery of all type of health care services to different clients worldwide. It has since expanded to include the supply of manpower, particularly skilled, semi-skilled, as well as un-skilled workers to almost all kinds of industries.

Through the years, PHHS has been providing Middle East medical facilities technical services and qualified health care professionals, supply nurses and other paramedic staff to hospitals and other health related clinics etc.


PHHS has added advantage over other agencies when it received the Hall of Fame award in 1988.

The PHHS management team consists of seasoned professionals who have accumulated over 70 years of combined experience in manpower supply and management. They take pride in their decades of involvement in various top and middle management capacities, in different industries specifically in the field of hospital management. They have had extensive operation and management, staffing, consultancy and personnel systems jobs. This ensures efficient and effective delivery of services required by client hospitals, companies, or governments.